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Outstanding architecture, crafted interiors, and bespoke furniture.

Bureau69 Architects is an award-winning architecture and interior design studio working across Italy, United Kingdom and Brazil.

The studio works with a forward-thinking and design-focused approach, driven by a  strong passion for crafted architecture and bespoke design. Bureau69 promotes contemporary, sustainable and responsible projects.

Our eclectic network is formed by practitioners with experience in different areas, who bring complementary knowledge and expertise. We work on projects from small to large scale and have proven competency in historical buildings.



If the architecture is any good, a person who looks and listens will feel its good effects without noticing.​

Carlo Scarpa


Bureau69 Architects has an international background, as well as a proven experience, and a portfolio of successful architectural and interior design projects for public and private buildings and for a wide range of purposes. 

We can help you to translate your requirements in a distinctive and functional concept design. Then we can develop the design and prepare the full set of drawings, documents and specifications necessary for gaining the appropriate planning permissions and for the further building phase.


The studio works within a reliable, experienced and well-integrated  network with members based in the UK, Italy and Brazil. The diverse backgrounds, culture, and specialisations allow to approach any type and size of the project with the resources and precision required and with the focus on the client.   

We have completed a number of projects for private clients, companies and corporations in different settings.  We work closely with contractors and suppliers, and we can act, on demand, as Project Manager, Contract Administrator and Principal Designer (CDM). 


Craft is the core of our architecture, merging the concepts of authenticity and the uniqueness of the project.

Choosing and shaping the right materials is a critical part of our process and our customers appreciate our completed projects for their precision and the perfection of the elegant and innovative design we provide.

We deliver a complete and accurate service for unique, creative, highly detailed, and outstanding outcomes.



brief us

The design process begins, takes shape and ends with a focus on the client’s needs, inspirations, aspirations, vision, aims, budget and timeline. Through continuous dialogue and interaction, we produce ideas, sketches, mood-boards, floor plans, images, models and everything we need to fully describe the design.  A successful project starts with a clear brief.

If you have a project to discuss please follow the link below and provide some information. We will be in touch with you shortly for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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