DGB Flat1

interior architect

Situated on the raised ground floor of a Listed Art Deco building built in 1912 and described as the grandest Edwardian commercial building in the borough, the flat is comprised of an open plan large reception room, West facing with a plenty of light, with a bespoke fully equipped kitchen, 6-seats wooden table, and bay […]


A Brazilian company, Duas Gastronomia, operating in the gourmet catering industry expressed the need to modify an existing and ongoing project. The program included the construction of a ground floor store, a reception area with dining table for tasting and a first-level industrial kitchen. During the project phase, it was also requested to build a […]


Commissioned by a leading Italian company in wood processing and bespoke furniture (LBA Srl), this project stems from a perfect synergy between design and craftsmanship. The brief required an operating and representative space capable of restoring the uniqueness of the company brand: a modern design linked to a concept of spatial versatility and high craftsmanship […]

Penthouse Sicily

The penthouse is on the second floor of an ancient residential building overlooking a Medieval castle in the historic centre of Catania. Before 1669 the south side of the castle was overlooking the sea. A large volcanic eruption destroyed the city, covering part of the sea and expanding the city towards the south.This building is […]


An apartment with a standard layout: a corridor and rooms on both sides; a double exposure. The client was a young lady, professional. The main idea of the project was to minimize the masonry and have a very versatile, warm, and modern space. The wood is the main material: used in the natural color or painted. Glass […]

Blue Box

New Build house

The project involved the joining of two small duplex units which were in extreme degradation. It involved the complete restoration of the first floor which had become a landfill of waste over the years; and the placement of waterproofing material and a ventilation system for the ground floor, due the presence of underlying water. This […]