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Bureau69 is a young award-wining architecture and design studio based in South-East London. We work as individual professionals connected in a network, and providing services in the building and construction industry. Bureau69’s members are located in the U.K., Italy, and Brazil.

Our focus is on architecture, bespoke interior design, planning, and project management services. We specialise in highly crafted residential projects, refurbishments, fit-out, furniture design. We have also delivered urban design projects and have proven expertise in restoration of historical buildings and conservation projects. Bureau69 is proud to have completed some important surveys and restoration projects for ancient churches and palazzos from XVII – XVIII-XIX centuries in UNESCO heritage sites in Italy.

Since the establishment in the U.K., in 2018, Bureau69’s projects have been recognised for the innovative design in different countries: Best Italian Interior Design, shortlisted at the British Home Awards, Best Bespoke Furniture Design , Innovation and Excellence. The projects have been exhibited and published in Italy, the UK, and the USA.

Our aim is to work with an artisanal way, with a forward-thinking approach an advanced knowledge, a contemporary language, and an international hint. We tailor each project on listening to the client’s needs and the “spirit of the place” (genius loci), acting with a holistic approach, and proposing a sophisticated design for any budget. We believe that architecture is related to good solutions that are not always related to high budgets. We welcomes working with individuals, companies, and organizations across the private and public sectors and from different backgrounds. Our team can be expanded and moduled depending on the size of the project. We speak English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese.

Bureau69 Office


We believe architecture is the art of living and has the power and the responsibility to transform the client’s practical needs in design to increase the quality of life. We also believe that architecture is for all budgets and has an important social meaning. The quality of a building affects user behavior and A well-designed building can enhance the image of a company, benefiting the company.s brand awareness and marketing. A good architect helps to develop new ways of looking at a building, to discover new materials, detail solutions, raising the standard of the building, and to turn an idea into reality with knowledge and competency. To achieve the best result in our projects, we set the relationship with the client based on transparent, constant communication, and listening.  We firmly believe that the client represents a key element in the creation of living space, therefore the knowledge and the dialectical deepening are preparatory and necessary factors for the success of each project.

We have a declared passion for modern and inspiring spaces. We place quality as the main ingredient of our architecture. Quality is not always synonymous with a higher budget: we believe that quality means the best solution in terms of design, performance, organicity, time and budget compliance. We are inspired by the natural light, material textures and colours, and our design is oriented to the attention to technical details, research on new possibilities in use of materials, harmonious proportions, and precision in drawings. In each project we aim the direct relationship between interior space and the environment: the natural light plays a fundamental role in the determination of contemporary living. We do not believe in labels and branded architecture, we rely on a traditional method of making architecture that springs from the place, processes the material and reinterprets it in respect of the program, the needs, functions, and performance of the building. A project developed in this way for us is sustainable.



Bureau69 was first established in 2003 in Italy by Massimiliano Strano, in joint venture with his friend and architect Luigi Battiato. The office had the aim to create a cultural space/studio where architecture could meet other forms of arts, involving the local community. With that purpose, the studio was opened in the heart of the UNESCO Heritage historical center, a strategic area which was abandoned in the last 30 year. The intention in principle was to create creative events with local inhabitants and artists and to participate in the local architectonic debate. The office worked for years in a variety of projects in different sizes: new residential and mixed-use projects, refurbishments and renovations, restoration of Listed buildings, urban design, international competitions, high-end private houses, and bespoke furniture design.

In 2008, Max Strano took the leadership of the studio and continued as a sole practitioner. In 2014 Max started an interesting collaboration with Jacob Goldemberg, who participated in several international design competitions, with exceptional results. In 2016, Max was appointed for the consultancy, technical design and construction project management for the fit-out of a number of IKEA stores in Italy. In the same year, Bureau69 incorporate projects in Sao Paulo, with the collaboration of Claudio Inserra Arquiteto.



Massimiliano Strano 

M.Arch RIBA  

Max Strano is graduated in Italy in Architecture and Planning (First Class Honor), and has a Postgraduate Master Course in Conservation projects and site management. He is a registered Architect in Italy (OAPPCCT), in the UK (ARB) and a RIBA chartered architect.

Throughout his career, he has worked in Barcelona (Spain), Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo (Brazil), and Italy, in collaboration with several architects and as sole practitioner. He has participated, either as a lead architect at a variety of design competitions, achieving awards and honorable mentions.

Max is polyhedral and creative with a strong personality and leadership. He has relevant organizational and managerial skills, long experience in high-end residential, commercial and restoration projects. He is passionate for modern architecture and has a good knowledge of historical  buildings. Therefore, he is deeply interested in using the modern language in historical settings and in relation to old buildings.

At the end of 2017 Max relocated to London, with the aim to increase his international experience and expand the portfolio. He have worked in the U.K. as a freelance architect and as a project manager in a variety of projects, in collaboration with architects, developers and construction companies.

Max plays piano and he is passionate about photography, arts, traditional cuisine, and Brazilian music. He speaks Italian, English, Portugues, and Spanish.

The shell project



Lorenzo Pandolfi 


Lorenzo is a Senior Planner in a leading London planning consultancy with extensive experience in projects across the South East of England. He is specialised in residential, commercial and mixed-use developments. He offers clear-cut advice at all stages of the planning process, from the preparation of tailored appraisals identifying the development potential of a site to the submission of complex planning applications. Thanks to his advocacy skills and attention to detail, he is also a trusted consultant for the submission of appeals to the Planning Inspectorate. An effective team player and project manager, he routinely helps developers in unlocking the full value of difficult sites. Key to his approach is the ability to build positive relationships with local planning authorities at the outset of negotiations. His most recent success stories include planning approvals for high-end residential schemes in Kensington, Battersea, Richmond and Twickenham, medium-sized mixed-use urban developments and highly profitable office-to-residential conversions.

POST WAR PLANNING AND RECONSTRUCTION IN BRITAIN, 1944 (D 25004) Model of a proposed development by Professor Patrick Abercrombie to make Chipping Ongar the nucleus of a new town of 60,000 inhabitants, most of whom would relocate from London after the Second World War.  The proposal was not adopted. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source: http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205132763

Architects / Designers

Claudio Inserra

Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Having graduated in Architecture in Italy in 2010, Claudio started his career as a freelance architect participating in international competitions and achieving excellent results. In 2013, he formed a close collaboration with the Bureau69 studio, developing residential projects in Italy and utilising his extraordinary design and graphic representation skills. In 2014, Claudio moved to Saõ Paulo (Brazil) to enrich his experience and worked in several professional studios designing residential and public buildings, office towers, mixed-use buildings, and public spaces. A year later, he joined Bureau69 to successfully design and construct a commercial building and showroom for a local catering company in Saõ Paulo. He possesses high design and graphics skills, excellent in freehand sketch drawings, CGI. Has a strong personality, visionary approach, and a relaxed demeanor. Claudio Inserra is Bureau69 architects representative in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Private house - sketch

Caio Faggin

Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Graduated and obtained a Master’s degree in São Paulo (1999 /2015) and a degree in Estudos Avançados at EtsaB UPC Barcelona (2006).  Caio started his career in São Paulo and soon after decides to move abroad to gain international experience and spends 7 years in Barcelona and London, until 2007 when returned to São Paulo. Throughout his career, he has been involved in all stages of projects, from design to development, as well as in some stages of construction processes. He acquired solid experience based on interdisciplinarity, has a good technical background related to a wide variety of architecture and engineering processes and building systems. 




Safbuild Ltd is a distributor in the UK for high-end bespoke made-in-Italy products for fit-out (bespoke joinery, marble, and natural stones, ceramic tiles, glass doors, sanitary ware, etc.), extremely innovative single room mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery and many other outstanding products for indoor air quality and energy-saving. Safbuild is based in London and trades in all the UK. The added value is our project management capability, the full customer assistance and the expertise in managing new projects and new challenges. All the materials are checked by us as soon as they are delivered on-site in order to verify their full integrity and compliance.

Rock Garden Drawing

LBA srl

Catania (IT)

LBA is a company specialised in handcrafts, bespoke furniture, fit-out. The company production quarter is based in Italy, and deliver projects in Italy and UK. LBA is an IKEA’s trusted company/contractor and works with Bureau69 since 2010, using a fully integrated collaboration where specific knowledge, experience, technical research, and challenge has produced extraordinary results and emotional spaces. The LBA project, the workspace for the company in Catania, has been multi-awarded for the innovative design and quality of craftsmanship.

Duas ext

Would you like to  work with us in the U.K., Italy or Brazil?

We are always happy to consider affiliations and collaborations with other professionals in different areas. Bureau69 collective works as a network with flexibility and versatility in terms of resources and competences. We welcome talented people and we constantly look for the right people to be involved in design competition and project proposals. If you are you either a designer , a developer, a consultant, or an investor and you are interested in starting a collaboration please write an email and let us know your thoughts.  bureau@bureau69.com